Amsterdam Falafelshop in Clarendon: You’ve Gotta Try This Place





Last week Dave, Ella, Logan and I were invited by Amsterdam Falafelshop for dinner. The kids had their first taste of falafel in Paris and loved it, so I knew they would be happy to find out they could get falafel right here in our neighborhood. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by the co-founder of Amsterdam Falafelshop, Scott Bennett. He was so chill and down to earth as he sat down with our family and shared how he decided to open up the first restaurant.

We really liked the restaurant’s set up. You’re served your falafel sandwich or bowl and then you have a toppings station where you sprinkle or mound toppings to your hearts desire. Ella and Logan had fun selecting their toppings and adding them to their sandwiches. The menu includes: falafel sandwiches, French fries (deep-fried twice– the European style), sodas and “virgin” brownies, a bit of a shout out in reference to the Amsterdam coffee shops that sell marijuana-laced brownies. We ordered fries to accompany our sandwiches and they were outstanding! They really were some of the best fries ever! The falafel is crunchy and delicious and when “smashed”, a ton of toppings can be added. The ambiance is casual and cool. The location is across the street from the Clarendon Metro and close to all of the nightly hangouts. It’s a perfect place for families during the day and an awesome restaurant for late night dining for the college kids and club goers.

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