3 Quick Home Repairs & Tips for Super Moms



The secret to being a supermom is preparation: being ready for anything, anywhere, any time. That’s why your handbag can double as a first aid kit, foot locker and food truck. It’s why your phone is packed with numbers of doctors, teachers, parents and pizza places. It’s why you can speak knowledgeably about the most accurate apps for directions, best-in-class mid-size SUVs and the sneakiest ways to limit your kids’ screen time.

When things go haywire at home, a supermom knows how to step up and get the problem solved. Here are a few solutions to common problems around the house, with info about what you should — and shouldn’t — do yourself.

A Quick Fix for a Leaky Drain

A supermom should always keep a tube of all-purpose, clear silicone caulking on hand. It costs less than $5, and can take care of a leaky drain in minutes. You don’t even need a caulking gun.

All you have to do is clean and dry the leaky drain (it’s ideal if you can avoid using that drain for a few days), apply caulk to the area, and let it dry according to the directions on the product. This will seal the leak until you can have the drain properly repaired by a plumber.

How to Stop that Running Toilet

Ever have one of your kids make a last-second stop in the bathroom and then you stand at the front door, keys in hand, children ready to go bananas, while you wait for the toilet to stop running? And it just keeps on filling, and filling, and filling? So frustrating.

Here’s how to pull the plug on that problem:

  1. Remove the lid from the toilet tank, and see if anything is obviously in need of repair.
  2. If the chain is getting caught in the flap, re-hook the chain so that the flap can close.
  3. If the water is filling, but not filling to the line, you can fill an empty plastic bottle with water, cap it and place it inside the tank. This should raise the water level enough to shut of the water (this is also a great way to save water on an older, less efficient unit!).

If these tips don’t work, then turn the water off at the shutoff valve underneath the toilet and call a plumber who can help you make the needed repairs.

How to Stop a Leaky Faucet

This is the kind of thing that will keep you up all night. Drip…drip…drip…into the sink until it echoes throughout the entire house (or so it seems). It can be maddening!

To get a good night’s sleep until a repair can be made, simply turn off the water at the valves under the sink. The next morning, you can attack the problem on your own. Leaky faucets can usually be fixed by replacing the “seat” in the faucet. You will need some old towels, and some basic tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and pliers to make this fix.

If you pop the cap off the handle of your faucet, you should be able to take out the handle screw, remove the handle itself and then take out the packing nut (you’ll need a crescent wrench for this step). There should be a seat washer held down by a brass screw. Replace that seat washer and there’s a good chance that the problem is solved.

Try calling the manufacturer for a free replacement part, or you can pick up a washer at your local hardware store for a minimal fee. If you don’t have the time or inclination to tackle this task or the simple fix didn’t solve the problem, a plumber can make this repair in short order.

The Importance of a Sump Pump

Spring showers may bring beautiful flowers to your garden, but rain can sometimes deliver flooding, too. Even if you’ve never had water in your basement before, new cracks in your foundation or changes to the geography of your region can unexpectedly fill your home with water.

A sump pump will quickly pump the water out of flooded areas to help minimize damage from flooding. Manual sump pumps are effective, but an automatic sump pump will pump water out on demand. Even if you aren’t home and there is flooding, you can rest assured that your sump pump is keeping your home protected.

Some home situations overwhelm even the most super of moms, John C. Flood can help. With over 100 years of experience, John C. Flood will take care of your home repairs so you can spend more time being mom.

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{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of John C. Flood.}

Motivation Monday: Join The TWC Challenge for only $39

hill-sprint TWC_Ad-2


Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging! Especially during the snowy, winter season and after the long holidays.

I’m excited to introduce you to Ginny Wright’s program Total Wellness Challenge (TWC). Ginny is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach and founder of the award-winning Arlington based outdoor fitness company Body by Ginny (BbG) Fitness. For over a decade, Ginny and her staff of fellow fitness experts/trainers have hosted early morning boot camp style classes six days a week, outdoors, in all types of weather. The classes take place at various recreational parks and locations in Northern Virginia.

Upon meeting Ginny, the woman behind many success stories, you immediately notice that she looks 20 years younger than she actually is. Her strong, lean, petite frame is proof of her dedication to her career in fitness. Her passion for her life changing talent shines brightly in her beautiful youthful face and in her sweet, but authoritative voice. This is a woman who motivates others to achieve the results they’re seeking! Ginny’s approach is innovative. Her company is devoted to offering a carefully crafted, common sense, effective fitness and nutrition results oriented plan.

Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser or interviews of famous celebrities talking about their post-baby weight loss plans and wished you had the opportunity to hire someone just like that to give you your “mommy makeover”? I’m happy to tell you that your goals are within reach! And you don’t have to go on a reality show or be a famous actress to do it!

Ginny is launching a brand new online program, February 22. The Total Wellness Challenge (TWC) is a daily weight-loss and fitness plan with real solutions for people who want to lose weight and keep it off and for those who want to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Get straight talk, no gimmicks, and all the tools and friendly advice to help you succeed.

The TWC is a 30 day program providing you access to a growing community of support, motivational accountability, resources, recipes, and workouts at the click of a mouse. Are you ready to join me? Join today for only $39! Click here to get started!

Be sure to share your weight loss goals and your journey by following and tagging Ginny on social media!FacebookTwitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #TWCFit to share your journey and see some of my favorite DC/Northern Virginia area’s bloggers sharing their journeys as well!

{Thank-you to Ginny Wright, BbG & TWC for partnering on this post!}

Business Spotlight: Phoenix Fitness (A New Boutique Fitness Studio in Ballston)


Photo Courtesy of Stephen Kidd.



Boutique fitness studios are booming right now. And Phoenix Fitness is one of the latest fitness studios to open in Arlington. Phoenix Fitness , located in the Ballston area, offers high intensity interval training without the intimidation factor of big box gyms. The emphasis on small classes and motivating instructors will put fitness newbies at ease while offering up a challenging workout for all fitness levels. My favorite class offered at Phoenix Fitness is Tabata and emphasizes functional exercises, total body toning and high intensity interval training that will whip you into shape in no time.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Stephen Kidd, one of the owners of Phoenix Fitness. [Read more…]

Clarendon Moms 2014 Guide To Preschools in North Arlington Virginia



(Clarendon Moms Official List)  [Read more…]

Clarendon Moms Guide to Catering Your Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 (You still have time to host without cooking!)

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year and interested in catering instead of slaving over a hot stove? Here is my guide to some of the best places to order an entirely pre-cooked Thanksgiving Day Feast. Wishing you and your family a very warm and fun-filled Holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Whole Foods Market
Offered at Clarendon/Arlington Location and many locations throughout the Washington DC Area. The organic food store offers complete Thanksgiving dinners with an organic turkey OR Vegan Turkey with the traditional trimmings stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce OR Gluten Free and Vegan Options. Orders can be placed in person at each store, over the phone, or online. And for those of you who miss the deadline to place an order, there will be plenty of pre-packaged fresh items on the shelf (while supplies last).

Boston Market Whether you need a banquet with all the fixings or a few home style sides, you can trust us with your holiday celebration. All for about the same price as your local grocery store and without the hassle of cooking.

Liberty Tavern

Liberty Tavern is offering an all you can eat Thanksgiving Buffet for only $30. This is perfect for those not interested in staying home or going to someone else’s house for the traditional dinner. Get all dolled up and enjoy your holiday at a very fine establishment in Clarendon.

City House 

The cityhouse restaurants can be found in Manhattan in New York, New York; San Francisco, California; and Arlington, Virginia. Set within some fabulous hotels, city house restaurants are ideally located near each city’s most popular events and attractions, making them a favorite choice for residents and visitors to enjoy a special dining experience for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are very lucky to have one within the Rosslyn-Clarendon Corridor. City House/Rosslyn is offering a $29 3-Course Pre-Fixe Dinner on Thanksgiving. Call for Reservations!

Three locations in the DC Area: 10323 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD (301) 564-3100. 600 Franklin Street Alexandria, VA (703) 549-6611, 6655 Old Dominion Drive McLean, VA (703) 448-3828. The Thanksgiving menu showcases traditional turkey and a selection of modern side dishes and desserts.

Offered at the Rosslyn and Lee Heights Locations and most areas in Northern Virginia. Safeway offers several different heat and serve turkey dinners with side dishes and desserts.

Rocklands BBQ  

Monday through Friday of this week, every Rocklands will be serving Thanksgiving on a Bun as our blue-plate special.  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry dressing and mayo on a potato roll, all for just $6.99.  And if you need potatoes and gravy too, well, you can add french fries and gravy on top for just $1 more.

Assaggi Mozzarella Bar, 4838 Bethesda Avenue in Bethesda, MD, and its sister restaurantAssaggi Osteria,, 6641 Old Dominion Drive in McLean, VA will offer three Thanksgiving feasts “to go.” Guests can choose from three pre-cooked options: the Italian Roasted Turkey Dinner; Italian Roasted Turkey Breast (only) Dinner, and the Italian Style Turkey Dinner Three-Ways. The “to go” menus are priced at $180, $140 and $210, and serve between six and eight people. Each “to go” menu also includes a choice of dinner rolls, two condiments, three sides and one dessert. Desserts can also be ordered a la carte, and are priced between $25 and $30 each.

EPIC Smokehouse
1330 South Fern St. Arlington, VA. Located near the Pentagon City Mall, EPIC will offer a limited supply of turkey dinners for carryout that will feed up to 10 people. Pick up a 10-12lb turkey that can be either smoked or fried. Turkey dinners cost $70 and include gravy along with a choice of three homemade sides. Selections include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing and creamed corn. An extra side can be purchased for an additional $10.


CareLuLu Finds the Best Daycare for You (A Business Spotlight)



After struggling to find a daycare, a Northern Virginia entrepreneurial couple creates a website to simplify search for other parents. Patrick Matos and Evgeniya (Jen) Usmanova, parent of two girls ages 4 and 2, together with co-founder Gabriel Chagas Marques are on a mission to help families find safe, affordable and high-quality child care and early childhood education.

As parents themselves, they know how difficult and time consuming it is to find the right daycare, so they decided to simplify the process and built a free online resource that allows parents to quickly find and compare options. CareLuLu’s online tools allow parents to search for child care in their area and filter by a set of simple criteria that are important to them. CareLuLu is currently covering the Washington, D.C. Metro Area (DC/VA/MD) and is planning to expand to other cities soon.

*CareLuLu facts and how it differs from other child care search sites*

– “Lulu” definition (noun, lü-lü): An outstanding or remarkable person, or thing. That’s exactly what CareLuLu does — helps find remarkable child care for your little ones.

– CareLuLu is not another daycare listing or directory. CareLuLu offers a free comprehensive overview of the daycares and preschools listed with all the information in one place, including tuition rates.

– CareLuLu offers a criteria-based search that allows parents to instantly find daycare centers or preschools that fit parents’ needs in terms of budget, hours, and services provided. This personalized search is currently not available on other child care websites.

– CareLuLu asks child care centers all the questions that parents want to know, so parents won’t need to spend hours searching on Google and calling providers.

– Data collected is presented in a consistent way so that parents can easily compare child care options.

– Unlike other websites, CareLuLu offers verified reviews by other parents. CareLuLu ensures that the reviews are by parents whose children are enrolled (or were previously enrolled) at that particular school.

– The CareLuLu team conducts in-person visits of Verified providers, offering real-world photos and detailed information about those schools.

– Individual child care websites often don’t list critical information such as tuition or staff experience and sometimes, school websites don’t reflect the reality of their facilities. CareLuLu helps parents make sense of it all.

CareLuLu allows parents to compare, short-list, and instantly schedule a tour of daycares and preschools they love without having to call or do research on multiple websites.

“As parents ourselves we know how busy life can get. With CareLuLu we are helping simplify the child care search by doing the homework for you! For Verified schools, we take the time to personally visit each site, speak with the director, see the facility for ourselves and give you real-world photos to bring you peace of mind.” -Attributed to Evgeniya Usmanova, Co-founder and Mom-in-Chief, Chief Marketing Officer, CareLuLu

“We found it hard to believe just how much time was spent on finding the right care for our kids. It seemed natural for us to create CareLuLu to make it easy for other families to find child care. Having a baby should be a celebration and new parents shouldn’t have to worry about finding a great daycare.”-Attributed to Patrick Matos, Co-founder and Dad-in-Chief, Chief Executive Officer, CareLuLu

Website: www.CareLuLu.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CareLuLu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/myCareLuLu
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/myCareLulu #CareLuLuCares

Losing the Baby Weight: My Success Story Featured on NBC4 Washington

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/56926019 w=640&h=480]

Pushing my kids in their double stroller down the streets of Clarendon at a whopping 205 pounds stopping to take a deep breath every couple of minutes while watching all the skinny moms on their morning run with their double strollers was the wake up call I needed. I was exhausted all the time. And I just didn’t feel like I did prior to having my children. I felt fat and heinous, old, ugly and angry. After seeing my doctor, I was diagnosed with a mild case of post-partum depression. My doctor said I had a choice. I could “choose to ‘pop several prescription pills to treat the weight loss and one more to treat the depression’ or I ‘could simply stop eating and restrict my caloric intake to 1200 calories’ or less per day”. Neither one of those options sounded good to me. I am not disciplined enough to give up something I love–food! And even though I realize legalized prescription drugs have helped many people, I just didn’t want that to be my only option. I didn’t have to remain sedentary, I could do something about it! [Read more…]

Arlington Court Suites Sponsored Wardrobe Fitting/Rehearsal Space for my @WUSA9 Debut

Back to School is right around the corner! I’ve partnered with Gap, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to bring you some of the hottest looks from the Runway to the Hallway to your child’s closet for a W*USA9 News Fashion Segment to air live on Friday, August 10th at 6:20 AM. Be sure to tune in! Click here to see the show!

The models and I had a very fun wardrobe fitting at Arlington Court Suites a few days ago. The hotel offers outstanding one, two and three bedroom suites! Hands down,Arlington Court Suites has to be one of the most spacious hotel in the Washington DC area. Click here to book a suite.

[Read more…]

Take Your Kids To The Movies This Summer For $1 (Ballston Mall in Arlington)

Arlington, Virginia (Ballston Mall)
Summer Movie Express at Regal Cinemas – $1 Movies (this is a nation-wide promotion!)
Where: Ballston Common Stadium 12, 671 N. Glebe Road Arlington VA
When: Moviegoers of all ages can climb aboard the Summer Movie Express to enjoy a great selection of films. During this 9-week festival, participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres will offer selected G or PG rated movies for $1 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00. A portion of proceeds from the Summer Movie Express will be donated to the Will Rogers Institute.  Click here for the movie schedule:

  • June 26: Journey 2 and June 27: Kit Kittredge: American Girl
  • July 3: Dolphin Tale and July 4: Happy Feet 2
  • July 10: Legend of the Guardians and July 11: Yogi Bear
  • July 17: Cats & Dogs: Revenge and July 18: Hugo
  • July 24: Adventures of Tin Tin and July 25: Puss in Boots
  • July 31: Kung Fu Panda 2 and August 1: Rango
  • August 7: Rio and August 8: Spy Kids: All the Time
  • August 14: Chimpanzee and August 15: Hoodwinked Too
  • August 21: Arthur Christmas and August 22: Smurfs

Event Announcement: Baby Bash & Bling Expo & Show w/Tia Mowry Booksigning, May 19, 2012