Workout Review: Local Motion Studio in Alexandria



I love working out! And this year, I will be sharing my favorite workouts in a monthly post called Workout Review. First up is Cardio Sculpt at Local Motion Studio in Alexandria. Cardio Sculpt is an energizing 45 minutes of cardio and strength training. This barefoot training class has Pilates and Yoga influences, but this is no mat class! If you’re looking for a sweat-induced workout, this is the class for you.

I walked into Local Motion Studio after a hectic morning of dropping off my first grade daughter at elementary school, my son at his pre-school and my husband at the metro followed by my bi-weekly grocery shopping. It had just begun to snow for the first time this year and I was wondering if I was going to get a call asking me to return to school to pick up my kids. But, once I walked into the Local Motion Studio, all of the stress that I had in my body and all of those anxious thoughts I had in my head melted away. The studio is modern, minimalistic, spacious and has a calming, yet inspiring energy. I didn’t even feel like I was in Alexandria, let alone the state of Virginia. The studio was reminiscent of my days as a student actor in New York City learning Suzuki Movement and Alexander Technique. My fellow attendees of the Cardio Sculpt class had friendly faces and were just as excited as I was to take the class.

What exactly is Cardio Sculpt? Think high rep low weights and yoga-inspired sculpting. Add in a few leg ups/jogging in place and you will feel moderate intensity. This is the gist of what the class was like: An arm segment that’s longer than I’m used to with 3 and 5-lb weights, leg and glutes segments using your body weight (think 80’s style Jane Fonda ‘on all fours kicking your leg back’ with weights in the back of your knee caps style. OMG! Am I going to get a Kim Kardashian ass doing these donkey kicks?), partner planks and one hand patty cake push-ups with Yoga-like “flows” between each circuit. I really liked our instructor Charissa Mobley. She was super energetic, passionate about fitness and is great at giving cues and encouragement.

About Local Motion: Local Motion Studio offers fun and inclusive movement classes to both adults and children. They offer Ballet, Belly Dance, Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, CrossBarre, Capoeira, Capofit, various forms of dance and cardio classes. Their mission is to bring the joy of movement to everyone– at any stage and any age. My favorite aspect in addition to their brand new, clean facility and techniques offered is that they are very family-friendly and offer onsite childcare and children’s classes.

Local Motion Studio is located at 2377 South Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, visit


Shop Locally: Meet Kiskadee in DelRay (Alexandria)


Kiskadee Renovation Sale

I have a lot of love for the neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria. And Kiskadee is one of my favorite boutiques there. So…when I found out Kiskadee was having a Winter Renovation Clearance Sale, I knew I had to share my joy with the rest of the world! Starting today, Saturday January 17th thru next Saturday, January 24th, Kiskadee will be offering a ton of their fall and winter merchandise at between 50% to 80% off! Along with gorgeous cozy sweaters, stylish boots and festive dresses, you can find basics, unique gifts for family and friends and lots of fabulous things in between! Kiskadee offers clothes for all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t shopped in a boutique before, shopping at Kiskadee is a great introductory way for you to become familiar with how you can find clothing made in the highest quality fabrics cut to accommodate real bodies (not cookie cutter shapes like the clothing sold at big box stores). Kiskadee  is owned by a warm, friendly and classically stylish duo named Darby Rush and Neil Hall. Upon meeting them, you’ll feel like you’re shopping amongst friends. The store is managed by a highly energetic and fashionable Sarah Eley who has such a way with kids, shopping with your kids there is easy. Kiskadee is located at: 2205 Mount Vernon Ave. Alexandria, VA 22301, 703.549.0813 For online information, click HERE.

Introducing Blowdry Taxi: The Best Mobile Hair Service in NOVA/DC/MD


The “Before” Pic of the Girls “Spa Party” waiting in line to get their blow outs & styles Photography by ©ClarendonMoms

Blowdry Taxi stylists performing their magic for "Spa Party". Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Blowdry Taxi stylists performing their magic for “Spa Party”. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

My daughter Ella getting her hair braided. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

My daughter Ella getting her hair braided. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Maya getting an undo by Blowdry Taxi stylist Ashley. Photo by ©ClarendonMoms

Maya getting an undo by Blowdry Taxi stylist Ashley. Photo by ©ClarendonMoms

Spa Party in progress. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Spa Party in progress. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

The "After". All of our little girls dolled up. Hair freshly coiffed by the fabulous Blowdry Taxi. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

The “After”. Our little girls dolled up. Hair freshly coiffed by the fabulous Blowdry Taxi. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Bella getting cascade curls. Photo by © Clarendon Moms

Bella getting cascade curls. Photo by © Clarendon Moms

Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Bella with princess hair. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Dylan is very happy with her new hair. Photo by © Clarendon Moms

Dylan is very happy with her new hair. Photo by © Clarendon Moms

The back of Dylan's hair is gorgeous! Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

The back of Dylan’s hair is gorgeous! Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Mindi & Abbie with beautiful hair. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Mindi & Abbie with beautiful hair. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

At the end of the Spa Party. Hair by Blowdry Taxi. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

At the end of the Spa Party. Hair by Blowdry Taxi. Photo by ©Clarendon Moms

Blowdry Taxi Founder, Sona Sut

Blowdry Taxi Founder, Sona Sut

We live in a very hectic, fast paced society. Add being a mom to the mix and the time available to get your hair done is even shorter. I’d like to introduce you to Blowdry Taxi, a faster, more convenient way to get your hair done. No more having to wait for an appointment at your local salon or blow-dry bar. With a few clicks of a mouse or using an app on your smart phone, you can have a trained and licensed hair stylist come to you for the same price you’d pay for a salon appointment.

Blowdry Taxi was founded by a beautiful, intelligent, talented and busy mother named Sona Sut. Sona has a staff of 12 stylists on a rotating schedule that can bring the “salon” to you  anytime from 7 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week. A standard blow out is only $50 and more elaborate styles such as curls and braids are a reasonable $75 and updos are only $85.

For the holidays, I hosted a “Spa Party” for my daughter, a few of her friends and their mothers. Per Blowdry Taxi’s instructions, I asked all the guests to arrive with their hair freshly washed and either completely wet or damp (primed to get styled). Sona and her team of four amazing hair stylists showed up promptly at our scheduled time, happy and excited to pamper and style everyone. Within five minutes of arrival, the stylists had all their tools and products set up and were ready for their first clients. They delivered professional and beautiful hair within 20 minutes per child and mom. The talent of all the stylists was excellent. And the energy in the room was positively electrifying.

All of the little girls were very happy to get their hair done. The moms relaxed, mingled and marveled at how their daughters hair looked. The stylists were very patient listening to each girls request for a hair style. And each of the stylists were very gentle, taking special care not to tug, pull or snag anyone’s hair. Even my daughter Ella, the most sensitive to get her hair done, loved getting her hair done by the stylists. The moms switched places with their daughters and were treated with the same professional care. One mother whispered to me “I wish I could get this done on New Year’s Eve” and Sona charmingly handed her a card and said “You CAN! Call me!”

Blowdry Taxi is the best mobile hair service in DC/MD/Northern Virginia to provide professional blowouts and elegant hair styles in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office. They even offer professional make-up application. Blowdry Taxi is the perfect alternative to going to a salon without compromising incredible style and is available at your convenience. They are available for all of your special occasion needs: black tie galas, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, anniversary parties or simply just to feel and look your best–they’ve got you covered.

Blowdry Taxi also makes booking an appointment as simple as logging onto their website or by using their new App!

{This post is sponsored by Blowdry Taxi. I was provided complimentary service in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.}

{Special Thank-you to my friend Amelia Swanson for providing her lovely home as the venue for our Spa Party.}

Olivia Macaron: Review & Giveaway


Photography by Angelica Talan of ©ClarendonMoms


Photography courtesy of Olivia Macaron


Photography by Angelica Talan of  ©ClarendonMoms

Macarons are the latest sweet treats to become trendy in the United States. Macarons are round, colorful, pretty and very tempting to the eye. They are made primarily of almond flour, sugar and egg whites. They are, without a doubt, the most coveted cookie in France–especially Paris. My kids discovered macarons the first time they visited Paris. And since then, they have become my daughter’s favorite cookie to eat and to serve to all of her friends for all occasions.

Olivia Macaron is the newest macaron boutique to hit the DC market. My best gal pal Ashley from Life by Ashley Joy invited me to sample the macarons from Olivia and I was thrilled at the opportunity to sample these beautiful, fluffy cookies, share them with my kids Ella and Logan and to review them for you.

Olivia offers 14 different flavors including: blood orange, cassis, chocolate, coconut, salted caramel (my personal favorite), coffee, eggnog, gingerbread, pink peppercorn, pistachio, raspberry, rose, red velvet and vanilla. Olivia macarons are light, soft and delicate with high quality, rich and flavorful ingredients that are fresh and consistent with the standard found in Europe. The packaging for the macarons is pretty as well, complete with a beautiful box, your choice of satiny ribbons and even gift tags. If you are looking for macarons that are airy and crisp, colorful and delicious–Olivia Macaron in Georgetown is worth a trip or two or three or more! To enter to win Olivia Macarons and other amazing gifts, head over to!

{This post is sponsored by Life by Ashley Joy as part of her 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway}.

Egg by Susan Lazar: Georgetown Blogger Crawl


IMG_9567 IMG_9566


Photo by Angelica Talan ©ClarendonMoms

#GTBloggerCrawl Brand Ambassadors. Photography by Sebastian Marin

#GTBloggerCrawl Brand Ambassadors. Photo by Sebastian Marin

On Saturday December 13th, I was honored to be part of The Georgetown Blogger Crawl. It was an epic day of shopping and social media promotion with  a dozen of the most influential style bloggers in the DC area. The viral marketing fashion event was conceptualized and organized by Jessica Hoy of NeuProfile and Carlis Sanchez of the SCDC Agency. These two amazing women are  pioneers in creating a new way of promoting local boutiques, domestic and international businesses in the name of fashion. I haven’t seen this concept in other cities and I’m very proud that it began here, in the Washington DC area with the first one earlier this fall in Old Town Alexandria. Check out my post on the #OTBloggerCrawl here.

As part of the #GTBloggerCrawl, I was the brand ambassador of Egg by Susan Lazar. Egg has been one of my favorite children’s boutiques in Georgetown ever since my six year old daughter Ella was born. Egg was launched by Susan Lazar in New York City in 2003, after the success of her contemporary women’s line in the early 90s. With a focus on family and the nurturing element of fashion, Susan created Egg as an affordable luxury brand for babies and children. Egg is also recognized among celebrities including Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner and more.

My six year old daughter Ella and my four year old son Logan couldn’t wait to wear their new tops by Egg to school. And as a mom, I was delighted to be gifted the Girls Purple Ruffle top and Boys Elephant tee for my kids because of the lightweight, very soft, uber luxurious fabric and the all season style at an affordable price.

For last minute holiday gift ideas and to see our Georgetown Blogger Crawl Official Look Book, Click HERE.

For more information about Egg by Susan Lazar, Click HERE.



Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas From Dawn Price Baby


magnatiles48dxset spirographcyclex

sandsalivesealifeadventure introtoengineering mathdicejr


Christmas will be here in less than a week. And if you need a present in a pinch, I have a few last minute gift ideas exclusively from Dawn Price Baby. They have locations in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, the Mosaic District and Reston and they offer gift wrapping and shipping.

Dawn Price Baby has a Baby Registry on their website allowing guests to register for the holidays, as well as baby showers, baptisms and birthday parties. My husband and I recently took our kids into the Georgetown location to check out the latest and hottest gift ideas for kids. Here is a list of awesome gifts that are sure to wow the kids and entertain them for years to come.

  • Goldie Blox and the Builder’s Survival Kit
  • Magna-Tiles
  • The Original Spirograph
  • Sands Alive Sea Life Adventure
  • Intro to Engineering Kit
  • Think Fun Math Dice
  • Aquabeads
  • Jaq Jaq Chalk-A-Doodle Book
  • Green Toys Dump Truck
  • Spring Ring

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of Dawn Price Baby. We were provided a sample product in exchange for post. All opinions are my own.}

Enterprise CarShare Now Available in DC & Northern Virginia at a Rate You Don’t Want to Miss!



Enterprise CarShare Location, Ballston Park in Arlington Virginia

Owning a car in the Washington D.C. area is expensive when you consider the cost of loan or lease payments, insurance premiums, fuel and parking. But it’s hard to give up the freedoms of having a car because mass transit has its limits. Enterprise CarShare is a unique car-sharing program in our community that allows you to reserve a car from an hour to a day to a week for one, all-inclusive price. This means all fuel, damage/liability protection and around-the-clock member service is covered under one price. Enterprise CarShare offers a wide selection of vehicles – from pickup trucks to hybrids—so whatever your needs, they’ll have the right car for you, 24/7. When you need a car, making a reservation is easy and can be done from your computer or mobile phone.

Enterprise reached out to me a few weeks ago and offered me an opportunity to test out CarShare for a day of holiday shopping. My destination from Arlington Virginia? The Mosaic District in Fairfax. It was a great chance for me to hit the highway and really enjoy myself.

Enterprise Car Share is available to anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license. Vehicles can be reserved by the hour, the day, or even overnight for one, all-inclusive rate, and are parked conveniently on campus.

  • Click the “Join Now” button on the link below to become a member today and Enterprise CarShare will waive your $40 Annual Membership and Application fee. And rates per hour begin at only $5 and only $76/day.

Membership includes:
· One low, hourly rate includes all fuel costs and physical damage/liability protection to keep your mind at ease!
· Online access to vehicle reservations
· Vehicles available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
· Access to vehicles in convenient, designated parking spots

For more information, visit:

{Disclosure: Enterprise CarShare compensated me to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


Traditions Matter With Hickory Farms



A few weeks ago, I posted about how Hickory Farms has been a long standing tradition of mine and my family since I was a very little girl. Traditions matter because they create long lasting memories for your family and friends. Traditions demonstrate the importance of each person in your heart and in your life, something that can be passed on from generation to generation.

This year, Hickory Farms added something extra special and new to their list of specialty items. Check out Hickory Farms NEW Signature Chocolate Collection. The 1lb chocolate assortment offers the true taste of American confectionery craftsmanship. Each piece is created in small batches using the finest ingredients and paired with premium milk or dark chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate! The collection is available in select stores, from the catalog and online at!

The holidays reminds our family of how fortunate we are and as a result, we take time out to give back to our community. During the holidays we like to spring clean our closets and toy chests and make a ton of donations. We also like to help out at local food kitchens. One of my favorite things about Hickory Farms is that they support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. Share Our Strength is the leading non-profit organization working to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. To date, the combined support of Hickory Farms and their customers has raised more than $3.3 million. These contributions help provide funding for summer meal programs, emergency food assistance, nutrition education, holiday charitable giving and long-term solutions for families in need. Hickory Farms encourages us to help out too. For each Party Planner gift box sold this holiday season, Hickory Farms will donate $5 to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Hickory Farms has 5 products that they offer free shipping to military APO and FPO addresses. For more information, check out

{Disclosure: Compensation and products for review were provided by Hickory Farms via MomTrends. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review and to facilitate a giveaway. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hickory Farms.}

Review: BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat (Perfect for Holiday Travel)


91GjmbQFqjL._SL1500_ BubbleBum-booster-seat-studio

The holiday season between the day before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the busiest travel season in America. Traveling during this time can be hectic, especially if you have to pack and carry bulky items like car seats. I discovered a really cool inflatable car seat by Bubble Bum that can make traveling with a car seat so much easier. Features of the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat include:

  • Folds flat enough to tuck into an airline carry-on, back-pack or large handbag
  • Easily inflates (by mouth) for use in a rental car, taxi or Uber
  • Comfortable & Colorful
  • Appropriate for ages 4 to 11 years old
  • Rated a “Best Bet” Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Winner of many awards including the The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

While I highly recommend this seat for a weekend getaway or a week long vacation, I don’t recommend the seat for as a permanent replacement for a non-inflatable booster seat.

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of BubbleBum. I was provided product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.}


‘Tis the Season with Holiday Cards from

MIN-IO0-CHR-001JCHRISTMAS_A_PD MIN-5GI-CHR-001CCHRISTMAS_A_PD MIN-UQT-CHR-001CHRISTMAS_A_PD MIN-IQ0-CHR-001CHRISTMAS_A_PD has always been my “go to” for all things festive: holiday cards, baby shower invitations, birthday invitations, etc.  I can’t wait to order our Christmas cards this year! They offer so many selections to choose from that I think I will order at least a dozen of several different cards.  What I’m most excited about this year is ‘The Minted Envelope!” Now we can save precious time with FREE recipient addressing from Minted, only for a limited time. I’m on target this year to finally get our cards ordered, stamped and in the mailbox. Minted makes doing so beautiful and easy, and it’s always a great way to kick off the holiday season!

{This is a Sponsored Post courtesy of All opinions are my own.}