Spotlight: Lifestyle Photographer Yehudis Goldfarb

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As you’re crossing off your list of “Things to Do” before school starts, make sure you have  a professional photographer  to capture those special moments and document important occasions like your child’s first day of school.  Thinking ahead, you will need a photographer capable of taking awesome Senior Pictures and Holiday Family Portraits. Perhaps you even have a child talented in ballet, sports or one who wants to act or model and needs headshots or a composition portfolio. For those of you looking for a family photographer,  I’d like to personally share my Photographer, Yehudis Goldfarb with you. Yehudis Goldfarb is a Silver Spring, MD based modern portrait and lifestyle photographer specializing in babies, children, teens and families. Yehudis also attended school for a Masters in Social Work and is very skilled at eliciting real personality, true emotion and the uniqueness of each individual and family in her photography! Our family had a blast shooting our Back To School and Pre-Holiday Pictures. The proof is in our shots. I joked with Yehudis at the beginning of the shoot and told her our session should be called “Photo Therapy with Yehudis Goldfarb“, a play off of Jeff Lewis’ “Interior Therapy” because I felt our session with her brought our family closer together. Click here to see more of our session together.

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Bethenny: Television Show Begins Monday, September 9th! (A Behind the Scenes Recap of Calling All My Girls Tour DC Stop)



Angelica Talan, and the “Skinny Girl” Mogul, Best Selling Author and New Talk Show Host, Bethenny Frankel

DSC03102 - Version 3

Maria Jose Ovalle (, Angelica Talan ( and Laura Harders (


Angelica Talan ( & Daniel Swartz (Founder/Publisher/Photographer of


On the pink carpet, Angelica Talan & Bethenny Frankel



Beginning the night right, Bethenny is greeted by excited and happy fans!

Clarendon Moms: Recap of Calling All My Girls Tour/DC Stop

Calling All My Girls rolled into DC last Tuesday, August 6, 2013! It was a kick ass tour Bethenny Frankel went on to promote her new television show, Bethenny.

Having fallen in love with Bethenny on Real Housewives of New York, she has become one of the most inspiring celebrities I’ve ever wanted to meet. And I finally had my chance!

Thanks to Laura Harders of Beltway Bargain Mom, I was invited to this exclusive party, held at the W Hotel Rooftop.

Upon arriving, we were given the cutest bracelets and a complimentary glass of champagne. The music was bumping with mostly hip 80s music classics like Michael Jackson fused with today’s hottest musicians like Macklemore, Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke. As usual, I was the “only fool dancing” the entire night!

Not ashamed to admit that on my occasional “Mom’s Night Out”, I tend to enjoy a cocktail or two and if it’s really a good night, okay you get my drift. Skinny Girl Margaritas, Skinny Girl Mojitos and Brut Champagne flowed non-stop along with some very tasty tuna steak, sushi and quiche.

After an hour or so, Bethenny arrived in a beautiful skin tight electric blue dress looking gorgeous! Her energy was electrifying! She seemed happy and full of life! She really knows how to pump up a room and treat her audience and her fans to a very good time!

Bethenny began the event with a game called “Would you ever…” The most “shocking question” came from a young girl in the audience. “Have you ever had a threesome?”  A hush and a few giggles came over the audience. Bethenny quickly answered “No” and joked that she missed her opportunity now that’s she’s a mom. She winked and said “But, the night is still young”. It doesn’t take long for Bethenny to figure out people. This was especially true for the conservative audience that she had here in Washington DC last Tuesday night. Bethenny kept the jokes going and peppered in the word “threesome” throughout the night, which matched the mood of her audience: light, funny and playful—just like her new show.

Meeting Bethenny really was one of my dreams come true! She is intelligent, witty, warm, sweet, beautiful, exhilarating and her energy and spirit is infectious! Her down to earth, tell it like it is, too much information reputation is what it is. Her critiques can shut it, because the original skinny girl gave this mommy wings! Let’s NOT forget that Bethenny is a four-time New York Times BEST selling author, the creator of Skinnygirl brand which includes cocktails, health food bars, sweeteners, fitness DVDs and fashionable shapewear. She has also been named one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities by Forbes Magazine! And I felt so inspired in her presence and felt like I could achieve anything after meeting her! I can only imagine the ways she’ll inspire others once her show hits the air next month! Bethenny also has a new book out titled “Skinnygirl Solutions”, a must read for all of her fans!

Bethenny’s new show “Bethenny” airs in the Washington DC area beginning Monday, September 9th on FOX at 11 AM. Check your local listings. For more information, go to:

Red Tricycle DC Lists Clarendon Moms on DC Mom (and Dad!) Bloggers They Love!


This article was written by Abigail Matsumoto. Featured courtesy of Red Tricycle DC (

How does she do it?

How does she stay sane, stay smiling, embrace chaos, share woes, get creatively crafty, and write in a style that’s as friendly as your best gal pal?

We’re not quite sure what gives them their super-powered edge, but man, are we grateful for all the totally amazing mom bloggers in and around the D.C. area! Whether you’re looking for some family travel advice, coupons and giveaways, local kid-friendly events, or just a hilarious story or two, we’ve gathered up our fave local blogs that are worth bookmarking.

Clarendon Moms
Angelica, part-time writer, blogger and a full-time devoted wife and mother, has lived all over the world but chose to make the Courthouse-Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington Virginia home. Her blog features practical tips and advice on pregnancy, parenting, family, cooking, career, health, wellness, beauty, books, entertainment with a focus on fashion, local events and other fun stuff.

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You’re Invited: DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular July 19th-20th at Verizon Center

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How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Unleash your inner Viking and prepare for the invasion of DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular!  Feel the heat and experience the adventure of high-flying, fire-breathing dragons with wingspans of up to 46 feet.  Astonishing animatronic technology and world class performers bring to life the heartwarming story of DreamWorks Animation’s Academy Award® nominated film.  This groundbreaking arena show breaks all of the rules of traditional live entertainment for the entire family.  You don’t want to miss it!

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, formerly known as How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular, is a live-action production based on How to Train Your Dragon. Developed by a partnership between DreamWorks Theatricals and Global Creatures, the company behind Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, based on the BBC documentary.

The production features 24 larger-than-life dragons with wingspans up to 40 feet wide that will fly and breathe fire. Characters include dragons Night Fury, Gronckle, Nadder, and Nightmare, and vikings Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick and Gobber.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 25% OFF ALL TICKETS BY USING THE PROMO CODE MOM (just for the readers of ClarendonMoms)

Recap: SNOBSWAP Sip & Launch at Tari Boutique

 SNOBSWAP Creators Emily Dang & Elise Whang

 SNOBSWAP Founders Emily Dang, Clarendon Mom Angelica Talan & SNOBSWAP’s Elise Whang

 Tari Boutique’s Stylist Tamika

 Fashion Blogger and New to DC Fashionista

 Attendee with Liz Can Cook’s Liz Nguyen

 Attendee with HealthyGlowBlog’s Katherine Adjoa Ntiamoah

 Even the Men’s Section was buzzing


 Sisters Christina and Natalie

 Wine, Champagne/Lychee Spritzers.

I was fortunate enough to be at the “right place at the right time” when a friend of mine called me from Los Angeles to ask me where she could find a vintage gown for a very important movie premiere she was headed to in a week.  That right place and right time happened to be the night I was attending The SNOBSWAP Sip & Launch party that took place on April 19th at Tari Boutique in Georgetown. “You have to log on right this minute and get a dress, shoes, baubles, your entire outfit!” I’m positive that she did because just last night, I received a text from her premiere that simply said “Thanks” with a picture of her in head to toe vintage Chanel.

I  also attribute it to luck that I was invited to the SNOBSWAP Sip & Launch because it was one of the best launches I’ve ever attended! I hadn’t yet been formally introduced to this awesome online community. The clothes were undeniably elegant, the champagne and lychee spritzers were refreshing and tantalizing and the fashionable opportunity to meet and network with fellow bloggers and socialites was electrifying. And the highlight of the night was meeting the creators of SNOBSWAP, a sister powerhouse duo, Emily Whang and Elise Dang. These two women have not only become my latest source of inspiration in business and fashion, they’ve become my style icons as well. I’m so excited for them and their new business endeavor!

A few days following SNOBSWAP‘s Launch Party, I was able to interview the sisters.

Clarendon Moms:  I meet a lot of women, especially moms that are interested in starting their own businesses, but are “afraid” to take the leap. What advice would you give to them to take the risk and go for their goals? 

Elise:  Coming from a legal background, I’m pretty risk adverse so my advice is to take “baby steps” before taking the leap!  Make time in your day or week for your personal passion, conduct research, test the waters, and get feedback to see if your idea is worth the leap.  And set a family plan for when you do take the leap. It’s so important to have the support your family.  I also found talking to other mommyprenuers to be very helpful as well.  You may have to sacrifice even more sleep but remember life is short and you’re so worth it!  Another mommy birdie recently told me  – don’t feel guilty for taking time out to pursue your passion and ask for help if you can because you being happy makes everyone else happy.  It’s a scary leap but I’ve finally found my own work-life balance that works for me now and I couldn’t be happier.  Wheeeee!  

Clarendon Moms: Sometimes going into business with a partner that’s either a best friend or relative can be “tricky”. How are you two different and how do your differences make your partnership work? 

Elise: Since, I’m the older sister, I feel comfortable taking the lead, but I trust Emily completely to come up with strategy and fully execute it. Emily’s business experience in luxury retail strategy, consulting, IT, and belief in SNOBSWAP has been a tremendous and necessary asset in launching the website.  

Emily: We make a great team and working with Elise is pretty amazing. She is a true innovator, with a strategic vision, passionate drive and deep insight.  Elise shaped the SNOBSWAP concept from just an idea into a sophisticated online marketplace.

Clarendon Moms: I am currently reading the book “By Invitation Only” about the women who started Gilt. I’ve found some new inspiration thru them and now thru you. Are there any business models/role models that inspired you? And why? 

Elise: What a compliment! There were a mixture of business models that have inspired us which include, the thrill of swapping, and the savings on designer labels from consigning.  All entrepreneurs who we’ve met have inspired us just by the mere fact they took the leap to do what they love!  We find female business leaders and mommyprenuers especially inspirational, including the founders of, Sara Blakely founder of Spanx, and grannyprenuer, our grandma, who had four kids and opened the first female-owned sporting goods store in Taiwan.

Emily: Thank you!  Other role models who inspire us include Diane von Furstenberg and Steve Jobs.  Diane von Furstenberg is amazing, she came to New York with a suitcase full of dresses she had created and over the last 30 years, saw great success.  She is amazing, a savvy businesswoman, humanitarian, and has largely supported important women initiatives.  Steve Jobs has been immensely inspiring, his passion and legacy.  From his “do what you love” mantra to his keen aesthetic eye, and his innovation vision.

Clarendon Moms: And finally, what’s next for you two? Are you planning to launch any Apps for the Ipad/Ipod? Styling Events?

Elise:  I plan on having baby #2 in 6 weeks! ☺  We do have exciting plans for SNOBSWAP in the pipeline coming soon!

EmilyIt’s too early to unveil but stay tuned!