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When I was growing up in Ohio, all birthday parties consisted of was a homemade birthday cake and ice cream, party hats and a few streamers. The parties back then were always about the kids. Fast forward to today and we have so many options available, the options can become overwhelming, stressful and expensive.

All You Ever Wanted Parties offers stress free, affordable birthday parties that take the focus off the parents and place it on the person who really matters—the birthday boy or girl.

From set up to managing the event to cleaning up, All You Ever Wanted Parties makes it possible for parents to enjoy their child’s birthday.

“As the parents of a five-year-old, we are deeply experienced in the stressful event that a kid’s birthday party can be. We’ve watched other parents frantically trying to make sure that everyone has a good time, while also trying to focus on their child – the star of the show.

With All You Ever Wanted, the stress is gone. The parents of the birthday girl or boy and all of the other parents in attendance can enjoy themselves while the expert team from All You Ever Wanted makes the party perfect. They turned our backyard into a wonderland captivating the kids from the moment they arrived. All You Ever Wanted stage-managed the experience from beginning to end.

We watched. We Played. We enjoyed. Best birthday party ever both for us, our guests and, most importantly, our guest of honor. I highly recommend them.” –Joe (Kai’s Father)

All You Ever Wanted Parties offers a large variety of options to create the perfect party at your home or a private venue! For more information, visit

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from All You Ever Wanted Parties. A sponsored party for my son Logan’s pal Kai was gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.}

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