Top 6 Restaurants: Where Kids Eat For FREE (A Clarendon Moms Guide)


I’ve strolled up and down Clarendon Boulevard and Wilson Boulevard at least a hundred times pushing my two kids in their double stroller or red wagon and dining at various restaurants. However, I’ve never bothered to look at the “Specials” on the chalkboards outside of the restaurants let alone inquire about “specials for kids” once inside the restaurant. That is, until earlier this week. My three year old son and I were enjoying the 40 degree January weather while walking to go pick up my five year old daughter from Kindergarten when a sign outside of The Hard Times Cafe practically jumped out at me. It read “KIDS EAT FREE ALL DAY MONDAY & TUESDAY”. What? What? What?! Really? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? As I’m smiling like a stressed out mom getting a day of pampering in a luxury day spa, I suddenly realized I’d never seen this before in Clarendon. I was a little shocked and I didn’t quite understand why I was so pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it was because of the sheer amount of restaurants in the neighborhood that seem to cater towards singletons and the double income/no kids crowd or those that care nothing about a bargain. Most restaurants in the Clarendon-Courthouse area DO offer Kids Meals. However, I’ve never seen a sign offering up “Free Meals” and I now know it’s because I never paid attention and I’ve never ever thought to look for it. After Logan and I picked up Ella, we met up with one of my gal pals and enjoyed a nice lunch for 4 at The Hard Times Cafe. There was so much food, we left with doggy bags”. And the best thing about it: It was a whopping $22 before tip. I’m still in heaven thinking about how great the food was and how much fun we had, not to mention–the bargain!

This experience inspired me to call up the 30+ Restaurants we have from the Clarendon-Courthouse area all the way to Ballston and Rosslyn. These are my Top 6 Restaurants Offering “Kids Eat Free Specials”. Happy Dining! [Read more…]

You’re Invited: DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular July 19th-20th at Verizon Center

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How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Unleash your inner Viking and prepare for the invasion of DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular!  Feel the heat and experience the adventure of high-flying, fire-breathing dragons with wingspans of up to 46 feet.  Astonishing animatronic technology and world class performers bring to life the heartwarming story of DreamWorks Animation’s Academy Award® nominated film.  This groundbreaking arena show breaks all of the rules of traditional live entertainment for the entire family.  You don’t want to miss it!

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, formerly known as How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular, is a live-action production based on How to Train Your Dragon. Developed by a partnership between DreamWorks Theatricals and Global Creatures, the company behind Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, based on the BBC documentary.

The production features 24 larger-than-life dragons with wingspans up to 40 feet wide that will fly and breathe fire. Characters include dragons Night Fury, Gronckle, Nadder, and Nightmare, and vikings Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick and Gobber.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 25% OFF ALL TICKETS BY USING THE PROMO CODE MOM (just for the readers of ClarendonMoms)