Workout Review: Barre3 DC

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Barre3 is a very powerful workout consisting of light weights (2 to 5 pounds), isometric holds and plies and so much more! Every barre studio offers it’s own unique style sure to attract just the right audience. I really love the sense of community that boutique fitness studios tend to foster.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting The Rock Recovery Barre and Body Image Event (in honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week) at Barre 3 Union Station in Washington DC.

I took my place at the barre, accompanied by a partially inflated ball (called a core ball) and a pair of three-pound weights. Within the first 5 minutes, I realized that my long sleeved activewear top, long yoga pants and full foot gripper socks were way too hot in the 72 degree heated room. I had already broken into a sweat that left me longing to run thru a water fountain and possibly jumping outside into the 47 degree chilly air. My back, shoulders and triceps were beginning to experience the burn of my muscles slowly getting stronger. In fact, Barre 3 exposed muscles that I didn’t realize I even had. The tiny movements helped me realize just how many muscles are actually in my body and reminded me that I need to work on those too.

Barre 3 offers a specific three-step formula of first holding the body in an isometric hold, then layering small range of motion, high-repetition movement, followed by full-range functional movement. This formula can help a traditional weight training routine because it helps clients to learn good alignment and balances the body by creating equal strength and flexibility. It also works some of the deeper, postural muscles required for heavy lifting. This is perfect for those who enjoy weight training and if you’re also a mom like me who still lifts kids and heavy bags of groceries.

Barre3 is defined as where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates. It is one of the most effective ways for women to build their athleticism—especially their glutes! I think it is a perfect complement as part of a fitness regime to develop your core strength, mobility and flexibility.

One of the best things about Barre3 DC-Union Station is that it offers childcare! Try it! You’ll be happy you did!

For more information visit

Motivation Monday: Join The TWC Challenge for only $39

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Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging! Especially during the snowy, winter season and after the long holidays.

I’m excited to introduce you to Ginny Wright’s program Total Wellness Challenge (TWC). Ginny is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach and founder of the award-winning Arlington based outdoor fitness company Body by Ginny (BbG) Fitness. For over a decade, Ginny and her staff of fellow fitness experts/trainers have hosted early morning boot camp style classes six days a week, outdoors, in all types of weather. The classes take place at various recreational parks and locations in Northern Virginia.

Upon meeting Ginny, the woman behind many success stories, you immediately notice that she looks 20 years younger than she actually is. Her strong, lean, petite frame is proof of her dedication to her career in fitness. Her passion for her life changing talent shines brightly in her beautiful youthful face and in her sweet, but authoritative voice. This is a woman who motivates others to achieve the results they’re seeking! Ginny’s approach is innovative. Her company is devoted to offering a carefully crafted, common sense, effective fitness and nutrition results oriented plan.

Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser or interviews of famous celebrities talking about their post-baby weight loss plans and wished you had the opportunity to hire someone just like that to give you your “mommy makeover”? I’m happy to tell you that your goals are within reach! And you don’t have to go on a reality show or be a famous actress to do it!

Ginny is launching a brand new online program, February 22. The Total Wellness Challenge (TWC) is a daily weight-loss and fitness plan with real solutions for people who want to lose weight and keep it off and for those who want to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Get straight talk, no gimmicks, and all the tools and friendly advice to help you succeed.

The TWC is a 30 day program providing you access to a growing community of support, motivational accountability, resources, recipes, and workouts at the click of a mouse. Are you ready to join me? Join today for only $39! Click here to get started!

Be sure to share your weight loss goals and your journey by following and tagging Ginny on social media!FacebookTwitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #TWCFit to share your journey and see some of my favorite DC/Northern Virginia area’s bloggers sharing their journeys as well!

{Thank-you to Ginny Wright, BbG & TWC for partnering on this post!}

Workout Review: Orangetheory Fitness



Picture courtesy of Orangetheory (treadmills and water rowers)


Post workout pic with Shayna, the General Manager of Orangetheory Ballston Location.


My Orangetheory Results after my very first class (Angelica T)

In the words of Michael Stipe of the band REM, “I’ve got my orange crush”. Orangetheory Fitness is an amazing boutique fitness studio that offers small group personal fitness training in 60 minute classes. Every class offers intervals of cardio on the treadmill and state of the art rowing machines plus a combination of TRX, free weights and body resistance training.

Everyone is provided an Orangetheory heart rate monitor that syncs up to the “big screen” in class. What I find cool about this particular feature is that you can track your own fitness goals on the big screen while you’re working out. This one-of-a-kind workout is divided into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training, designed for maximum energy and calorie burn. They pay special attention to those with health concerns or physical injuries and can modify each workout.

Weight training comes easy for me, cardio doesn’t unless I’m dancing (and I LOVE to dance)! Orangetheory is great for everyone, but especially for people who are used to one form of physical training, but who needs that extra push to do the other. No more dividing it up on different days. You get both the cardio and the strength training in one day in just one hour—maximizing your time and your effort, not to mention your money.

Orangetheory is definitely my jam! It’s a fun place where I can be motivated in the most positive, unique way. It offers great atmosphere, heart pumping music and the coolest, most passionate fitness enthusiasts I’ve met. The numbers on the big screen don’t lie. And being able to see when I’ve reached that “orange zone” is like looking at a billboard announcing that I’ve won something. And I have won something: energy, health and weight loss.

Check out the new Orangetheory in Ballston! And for more information, visit

How to Know If You’re a Good Liposuction Candidate

Recently, an article in Cosmopolitan magazine by Megan O’Brien got a lot of attention, and it’s no surprise why with a title like this: I’m a Size 0 and I Got Liposuction. The controversy started swirling about how someone so seemingly thin could possibly be a good candidate for fat reduction surgery.

It turned out that particular patient had pretty valid reasons for her choice (a disproportionate tummy that made her appear pregnant), but the whole controversy brought to light some facts about liposuction most people might not know. A number of factors go into determining whether someone is a candidate. Here are a few:

Realistic Expectations
Anyone considering liposuction should be aware of what it can and can’t do for your body. One of the most common misconceptions is that it is for easy weight loss. Most surgeons stress that liposuction is not a replacement for good diet and exercise habits, nor is it a fool-proof solution. While liposuction has been proven to permanently remove stubborn fat cells, you still must make healthy lifestyle choices to maintain the results. Poor diet exercise can easily undue all the work completed by your plastic surgeon. If you head into a liposuction consultation expecting to drop lots of weight and never gain it back, you may be turned away.

Good Skin Elasticity
For the best results, you need to have supple, elastic skin. If you are prone to stretch marks or already have baggy skin in some areas, you may have a less-desirable end result. Tara Reid was unfortunately the poster child for bad liposuction for a while, as she discussed candidly in PEOPLE magazine back in 2008. A possible factor in the botched procedure may have been her poor skin elasticity. Skin that is more elastic will conform to your new contours once underlying fat is removed.

Stable Weight
Most surgeons stress the importance of maintaining a stable healthy weight before undergoing liposuction. As one physician states on the popular plastic surgery forum RealSelf, “If your weight fluctuates widely, liposuction has no value. The most unhappy liposuction patients are the ones who come in after surgery having gained weight wondering why their result isn’t great. This is very frustrating for the patient and the surgeon.” What this means is that liposuction really shines as a spot treatment for those with specific problem areas. If your body weight is constantly fluctuating, it can be difficult for your surgeon to really identify where the liposuction would be most beneficial and long-lasting for you. That being said, a surgeon may decide to use liposuction to help a patient jump-start weight loss. These patients often return for additional work to put the finishing touches on their body transformations.

Recovery Time
Good candidates for liposuction must be OK with downtime and activity restrictions after the surgery. Patients are usually up and walking the same day of the liposuction, but according to Washington, D.C.’s Ruff Plastic Surgery, it takes 2 to 3 days to return to work and a few weeks to return to exercise. They also have a handy recovery guide on their website that outlines what you could expect in the days and weeks after a procedure.

For those looking to take their physique up a notch, liposuction is an amazing tool. Before getting any work done though, make sure to get a consultation done with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Oftentimes, these consultations are free or the cost can be applied to the procedure. A good surgeon can also determine for sure whether you’re an appropriate candidate.

{Editorial consideration provided by Ruff Plastic Surgery. Compensation was provided in exchange for this sponsored post. }

Workout Review: Solidcore

Instagram @AngelicaTalan (Still smiling after surviving my first ever Solidcore Workout--note the sweat)

Instagram @AngelicaTalan (Still smiling after surviving my first ever Solidcore Workout–note the sweat)

Instagram @AngelicaTalan My friend Cheryl joined me for my second class at Solidcore.

Instagram @AngelicaTalan
My friend Cheryl joined me for my second class at Solidcore.

Solidcore: The hardest workout of my life!

When I saw the “coming soon” sign in the Solidcore window near Ballston Mall in Arlington last winter, I was determined to try a class. Having tried just about every “trendy” workout known to woman, I wasn’t intimidated by the description listed in several articles and dozens of Yelp reviews as “the hardest workout in DC”.

Solidcore is the first studio in the DC area (with locations at Ballston & Mosaic District for the northern Virgina set) to offer the Lagree Fitness Method, a high-energy, low-impact, full-body workout done on a spring-loaded pilates machine called the MegaFormer. The classes are small (about a dozen students per class), the instructors are positively motivational and the sound system amplifies the latest club anthems and classics. The class is an electrifying combination of pilates, barre, yoga and body sculpt infused with a ton of sauna like induced perspiration! You will burn hundreds of calories in this class!

The Solidcore workout consists of an insanely intense mix of isometric, cardiovascular, endurance, resistance and strength training exercises. With such moves as the French twist, palm springs crunch, the saw, serve the platter, tree hugger, walk the plank, plank to pike and escalator lunges along with “traditional” exercises like squats, shoulder press and tricep extensions you are certain to burn up those calories, build solid muscles and sculpt your body from the inside out. I have only been there three days this week and I can already feel and see the difference!

The workout is indeed intense. However, if you’re used to doing Tabata or Bikram Yoga, it may not exhaust you the way that some people feel afterward. I found it highly invigorating and the best part about it is, you will live and you will feel stronger afterward.

The price may seem expensive at $37 per class. However, when you compare that price to what your standard box gym charges for personal training sessions or small group training and measure the results that you receive from this class versus the standard, run of the mill traditional weight training and the choice becomes more clear. Solidcore isn’t trendy. Solidcore is here to stay. We are lucky that we are one of the first major cities to have a studio. Solidcore has redefined fitness and the owner/founder Anne Mahlum is a new fitness hero to me. I can’t wait to meet her one day!

For more information about Solidcore, click here.

{This article reflects my own personal experience. I was given one complimentary class and I purchased a package of my own to write a full review}.

Workout Review: Sensazao Dance Fitness in Alexandria



Sensazao Dance Fitness is a total-body workout that has all the benefits of a long run or your most intense cardio workout, possibly even more. In a 1-hour class, you can burn as many as 800 calories. You’ll also tone nearly every muscle in your body, improve balance, boost brainpower and develop a confidence about your ability to dance gracefully and dance sexy.

I gained over 60 pounds with each of my pregnancies. Having been slender and fit my entire life, I was horrified at the sight of my post pregnant body. I was desperate to find something that would inspire me to get fit and healthy again. Not only was I desperate, I was beginning to develop post-partum depression.

At 38 years old and 5 feet, 7 inches tall, I was clinically obese at 205 pounds and I still looked 9 months pregnant. I joined my nearest gym in Arlington. On my second day at the gym, I noticed a huge line (almost 45 minutes wait before the class began. It was for a class instructed by Gabriela Espinoza. Once inside the class, a woman standing next to me asked me if it was my first class. Of course I answered “yes.” Then, she gently touched my arm and said “Just want to let you know that my first time taking the class, I only lasted 30 minutes and I had to leave. It’s okay if you have to leave early, just have fun!”

A sexy, super lean and sculpted instructor (Gabriela Espinoza) came rushing in and plugged her Ipod into the stereo. The most beautiful Latin music (a song by Pitbull) came on and the warm-up began. I was exhausted, out of breath and ready to crawl out of the class after only 3 minutes! I could barely get thru the warm-up! But, I decided to keep trying. I felt like collapsing on the floor during several songs.  It was intense. The moves were sexy, included tweaking, swaying, sashaying, gyrating, salsa, bachata, samba, hip hop and worked every single muscle in my body. Gabriela’s double jointed and firm body moved so effortlessly. Her passion for dance was electrifying and inspiring. I was in love with this style of aerobic dance fitness and determined to learn the choreography,  have fun and lose weight. This class made me feel like myself again, the “dancing self” before marriage and kids, a girl who once danced beside Channing Tatum in the movie, Step Up. And after only 6 months of attending Sensazao Dance class five nights a week, I lost 50 pounds and went from a “Plus Size 16” to a size 8 without changing my diet or doing any other type of workout.

My instructor Gabriela and her sister Jazmin left that local Arlington gym and opened up their very own studio in Alexandria almost 5 years ago and I’m still a huge fan! Fans come from all over the world to take classes here. Singer/Actress Jordin Sparks has even visited the Alexandria, Virginia studio and has endorsed the workout on her “Things she’s obsessed with” on MTV, in several magazine articles and on her Instagram.

The Sensazao (pronounced SENS-suh-Zow) Dance Fitness workout is perfect for those who enjoy dancing or want to learn how to dance in a very safe and fun environment with others who have the same interest and fitness goals as you do. This is the most fun you’ll ever have while losing weight and keeping fit! Moving to music is stress-free and happy. There’s no counting reps, watching the clock or taking breaks in between circuits.

Sensazao recently began live streaming their dance classes and I had the awesome opportunity to interview one of the founders of Sensazao Dance Fitness, Jazmin Espinoza about their latest endeavor and what’s in store for the future.

CM: When did you decide to pursue fitness as a full-time or part-time career?

Jazmin: Dancing was always part of our lives and we were always pursuing a challenge. Once we saw the interest in dance and fitness we adjusted our dance experience and increased the fitness component in our classes. From there on it became a way of life.

CM: When did you realize you had a bonafide BRAND for your company?

Jazmin: From the beginning, epecially when there was always a long line [of people] waiting for our classes.

CM: Are the new Live Stream videos equivalent to your classes?

Jazmin: Technically no, we are live streaming our classes since we have many online followers who want to join us, but these classes are different than our studio classes. The major difference is that it’s not the real experience, which cannot be replaced unless you are there with us. However, our new service allows you to dance with us in the comfort of your own home/gym/studio and with whomever you want.

 CM: How does it feel when total strangers approach you and applaud you for their fitness results?

Jazmin: It feels incredibly rewarding that we were part of their fitness journey and helped them in any way. But it does not feel like we are talking to strangers at all. We are definitely connected to our clients and share the same happy feeling when we dance together.

 CM: Who among your clients is the best embodiment of the Sensazao brand & why?

Jazmin: Our mother Gaby. She has the best time dancing with us, takes sometimes 2 classes in a row, keeps herself in shape and gives us the best feedback when it comes to routines and songs we choose for class.

 CM: What sets your dance fitness class apart from all the others?

Jazmin: Two things: 1.) We have 3 unique styles when it comes to choreographing and teaching 2.) Our instructors training quality

CM: What amount of classes do you recommend for new moms trying to get fit and fit back into their pre-baby jeans?

Jazmin: We recommend 2 to 3 per week. Considering the high to low impact versatility of our routines, anyone can start their fitness journey with us and reach their goals in the most safe and effective way.

 CM: Where do you see your company ten years from today? Any plan for franchising and studios in other cities?

Jazmin: Franchising is a possibility we have considered. In ten years we plan to see official Sensazao classes worldwide and our own charity organization related to dance and health.

 CM: In addition to your classes, what do you girls do for fun?

Jazmin: We like to surf, take dance classes, attend carnivals and mostly travel all over the world.

CM: What announcements and news would you like to share with the Clarendon Moms readers?

JM: We would like to share our passion for life by means of music and dance. We would like to remind everyone that health is the best investment and that happiness is the journey.

Shimmy, twerk, pop and lock your way to your pre-baby body, Sensazao Dance Studio is located at: 5424 Eisenhower Ave.  
Alexandria, VA 22304. For more information, visit

Workout Review: SoulCycle DC


©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan ™Soul Cycle

©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan ™Soul Cycle

©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan

©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan

SoulCycle is a marriage between a cycling boutique, rave, house or hip hop dance party and weight training class. With a cult-ish following, tons of DC residents have been flooding the cycling studio to find out what all the hype is about. I have personally spotted our first lady, Michelle Obama and other local DC celebs tapping into their soul here in DC and have heard Kelly Ripa rave about Soul Cycle countless times. This class promises to burn over 900 calories in one session. Sweating is an understatement for these soul sisters (and brothers).

Upon entering the Soul Cycle studio, a fresh aroma of grapefruit fills your olfactory senses. The light is brighter than the sun. The staff are very attentive and cheerful. I totally understand why this place may be “cultish”. I filled out the liability waiver, rented a pair of “clip ins” and claimed my bike. My instructor was Megan, a pretty and amazingly toned woman with electrifying energy. As the ride began, the music gradually became more energetic. Megan gave the crowd a sort of  fitness/soul affirmation sermon. I definitely felt like I was in the right place of worship! I was inspired more at this moment than I had been at any other fitness studios I had ever visited, especially more than at any other cycling/spinning class. Love at first spin was setting in.

What is Soul Cycle?

Soul Cycle is spinning with handle bar push-ups, crunches, and side-to-side (oblique) dips on the bike while the energy is kept high by receiving little pep during the course of the ride. The class is intense at times, but easily modifiable. There is a weighted arm sequence (on the bikes) towards the end of the class. Mini dumbbells are used to workout the upper body with lots of little, isolated movements reminiscent of barre classes.

The juice:

I have drank the Soul Cycle Kool-Aid and I am truly addicted. However, at $30 a class, I will be taking Soul Cycle only as a “weekly supplement” to my already established fitness routine for 2015.First time riders at SoulCycle get a class for $20, which includes bike + shoes.
After that, individual class: $30 Shoe rental – $3 (frequent riders usually bring their own). Riders are encouraged to bring their own water-bottles. If you forget, they have some for purchase. Regular water – $2 / Large water – $3

Soul Cycle is located at 2301 M Street NW, Washington DC 20037. To learn more about Soul Cycle DC or to register for classes, click HERE.


Workout Review: Local Motion Studio in Alexandria



I love working out! And this year, I will be sharing my favorite workouts in a monthly post called Workout Review. First up is Cardio Sculpt at Local Motion Studio in Alexandria. Cardio Sculpt is an energizing 45 minutes of cardio and strength training. This barefoot training class has Pilates and Yoga influences, but this is no mat class! If you’re looking for a sweat-induced workout, this is the class for you.

I walked into Local Motion Studio after a hectic morning of dropping off my first grade daughter at elementary school, my son at his pre-school and my husband at the metro followed by my bi-weekly grocery shopping. It had just begun to snow for the first time this year and I was wondering if I was going to get a call asking me to return to school to pick up my kids. But, once I walked into the Local Motion Studio, all of the stress that I had in my body and all of those anxious thoughts I had in my head melted away. The studio is modern, minimalistic, spacious and has a calming, yet inspiring energy. I didn’t even feel like I was in Alexandria, let alone the state of Virginia. The studio was reminiscent of my days as a student actor in New York City learning Suzuki Movement and Alexander Technique. My fellow attendees of the Cardio Sculpt class had friendly faces and were just as excited as I was to take the class.

What exactly is Cardio Sculpt? Think high rep low weights and yoga-inspired sculpting. Add in a few leg ups/jogging in place and you will feel moderate intensity. This is the gist of what the class was like: An arm segment that’s longer than I’m used to with 3 and 5-lb weights, leg and glutes segments using your body weight (think 80’s style Jane Fonda ‘on all fours kicking your leg back’ with weights in the back of your knee caps style. OMG! Am I going to get a Kim Kardashian ass doing these donkey kicks?), partner planks and one hand patty cake push-ups with Yoga-like “flows” between each circuit. I really liked our instructor Charissa Mobley. She was super energetic, passionate about fitness and is great at giving cues and encouragement.

About Local Motion: Local Motion Studio offers fun and inclusive movement classes to both adults and children. They offer Ballet, Belly Dance, Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, CrossBarre, Capoeira, Capofit, various forms of dance and cardio classes. Their mission is to bring the joy of movement to everyone– at any stage and any age. My favorite aspect in addition to their brand new, clean facility and techniques offered is that they are very family-friendly and offer onsite childcare and children’s classes.

Local Motion Studio is located at 2377 South Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, visit


Kombucha: My Healthy New Addiction

© ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan

© ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan

Kombucha is a fermented tea created by adding probiotics, gut-healthy bacteria, yeast, natural sugars and sometimes fruit juice and vitamins sometimes called “mushroom tea”. I’ve been hearing about Kombucha for almost ten years, but was hesitant to try it because there were some brands that listed “mold” and “bacteria” as the ingredients inside the bottle of kombucha. (What? I’m highly allergic to mold! )

However, after doing some research on the popularity of drinking kombucha, I discovered that it is not just a trendy food that “alternative health foodies” drink, it is a deliciously fascinating drink that has become mainstream and touted as a magic elixir.

I put myself on a “30 Day Kombucha Challenge”. I tried several different brands, but GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha gave me the best results for what I was looking for. I drank one every morning as a snack one hour after breakfast and two hours before lunch. Based on my personal 30 day experience, GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha gave me an enormous amount of energy, staved off hunger pains–especially reducing my sugar cravings, improved my digestion, reduced the amount of brain fog I sometimes experience as an over scheduled, exhausted, anxiety prone mom and it quenched my thirst, not to mention I lost five pounds.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the benefits of kombucha until I tried it myself. It tastes like a sparkling cider mildly flavored with bursts of ginger, bilberry, citrus and lemon. It’s an addiction of mine now, an expensive one at an average of $3.49 per 16 ounce drink from Whole Foods–but Kombucha is a healthy addiction and one that has changed my life.

{Disclosure: I was not paid or supplied with any samples of this product. All opinions are my own.}

Top 5 Fitness Trends in the DC Area

©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan ™Soul Cycle

©ClarendonMoms/Angelica Talan ™Soul Cycle

Fitness is a lot like fashion, very trendy. And DC is one of the most fitness friendly cities in the U.S. Whether you want to bulk up like the incredible Hulk or lengthen your muscles to look like a ballerina, DC has something to offer. So, forget the treadmill, ditch your average aerobics class and try one of the hottest classes offered in DC.

1. SoulCycle: SoulCycle is a marriage between a cycling boutique, rave dance party and weight training class. With a cult-ish following, tons of DC residents have been flooding the new cycling studio to find out what all the hype is about. Our first lady, Michelle Obama and celebs such as David Beckham, Lena Dunham, Kelly Ripa and Katie Holmes have been seen tapping into their soul at other locations and now you can too. This class promises to burn over 900 calories in one session, sweat is an understatement for these soul sisters (and brothers).

2. Barre: Based on the movements of ballet but coupled with the burn of cross-fit, Barre is no easy lift. The class is set to upbeat music and consists of a warm up, sequence of upper-body exercises using light free weights, push-ups and planks so participants will surely be put to the test. Slow and targeted movements are the key here. Your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles will feel the burn during a series of ballet barre. There are about a dozen different types of barre available around DC, but my absolute favorites include: Pure Barre, Xtend Barre and Barre Tech.

3. CrossFit: CrossFit is an intense exercise program featuring dynamic exercises like plyometric jumps, and Olympic lifts while using non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as kettlebells, sand-bags, suspension systems or water-filled implements. You will often see cross-fit participants running in the streets drenched in sweat and that’s usually only the warm up. This class is definitely for those looking for a high-intensity, balls to the wall work out.

4. AerialYoga: Aerial yoga mixes together ancient yoga techniques with modern acrobatic exercises in order to create a total body workout that is fun yet challenging. This class is designed for the person who is looking to work out without feeling like they are working out. By utilizing soft, Ariel hammock fabric, this class stretches your body to the ends of the earth. The fabric allows for full support while participants try new positions elevated off of the ground. Think Cirque Du Soleil for beginners, for all those willing to try new things, this class is for you.

5.Tabata: Want to get in shape but don’t have a lot of time to do it? Tabata training is just what you need. Tabata is high intensity interval workout that last for only four minutes. The workout consists of high intensity movements for 20 seconds followed by a rest for 10; participants are expected to repeat this sequence eight times. An example of a high-intensity movement sequence is: burpees, squats, jumping jacks then sit ups. Participants are expected to do their desired sequence for 20 second straight as hard as they can then rest. For anyone who doesn’t have the time or the money to pay the new DC fitness tax, this workout is for you. Do it in your living room, bed room or even office when no one is watching.